For Sale

We do have instruments for sale. Please inquire if you are looking for an instrument, we might have what you're looking for or know an instrument for sale somewhere.

Here is a small number of pianos that we sold to institutions, pianists (professionals and amateurs), collectors and halls over the years.


Michael Rosenberger, Vienna ca. 1820. Sold to the NMF, the Dutch Instrument Fund


Bösendorfer, Vienna ca. 1875. In Germany now





André Stein, Vienna 1803. Still in the Netherlands.


Pleyel. Paris 1844

After we sold it, it was discovered by Alain Kohler that Chopin had this instrument in his apartment in Paris, 1844/45....



Alois Graff, Vienna ca. 1833. In Germany now.



Anton Walter & Sohn, Vienna 1822. In San Francisco, USA, now.



Muzio Clementi & Co., London 1827. In Finland now.













Felix Gross, Vienna ca. 1840. In the Bruxelles conservatoire now.