Edwin Beunk Collection

historical pianos

in excellent playing condition, covering the major periods of early piano building, from about 1790 up to 1870.

Edwin Beunk & Johan Wennink

Renowned specialists

With a background and training in repairing and tuning the modern piano, Edwin Beunk started his own workshop in 1981. Johan Wennink joined in 1985. They are now renowned specialists in the field of restoration of the historical piano.

Present collection

The historical instruments that form the core of the present Edwin Beunk collection are listed below. However, the collection is a changing entity, with new acquisitions and every now and then the odd replacement to enhance the historical relevance of the collection.
All the instruments are in excellent playing condition.

This website is a work in progress.

Not all instruments in the collection are as yet included in this presentation.

Viennese school, ca. 1780

Matthias Müller

Vienna, 1810


Leipzig 1867

John Broadwood & son
London ca. 1807

Paris 1842

Vienna 1801

Conrad Graf
Vienna ca. 1835

Vienna 1839

Joachim Ehlers
Vienna 1815

Conrad Graf
Vienna ca. 1830

Shudi Harpsichord
London 1744

Paris 1829

Vienna 1851

London 1792

Paris 1837